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Hi there Mr. Mirknir.
First of all a little note that any political discussions here are not welcome. The normal discussion regarding Crimea today is not a problem, we may provide any advices regarding local situation.

Main point about Crimea for today.
  • Crimea now is a peaceful region;
  • No military actions;
  • No radical organisations;
  • No anger and violence;
  • No danger for tourists;
At the summer Crimea is a tourist friendly peninsula with warm climate and incredible quantity of historical sights. All relevant services like hotels, car rent, currency exchange, excursions with English speacking guide are available.

Some limitations in Crimea due the political environment:
  • The easy entrance to the Crimea peninsula is available from Russian mainland (most comfortable choice could be to use Moscow as a transition point). Russian visa is necessary if your country doesn't have an Agreement with Russia about visa-free regime;
  • Credit cards are not accepted in the majority of shops and hotels of Crimea. You will be obliged to use cash;
  • You may have some troubles with Ukraine visa in future since Ukraine government didn't acknowledge Crimea as part of Russia;
  • You may have some troubles with communication out of your hotel since people in Crimea are not very fluent in English.

In spite of Crimea is not very popular destination for vacation, time to time we have here guests from European countries who would like to give a look personally if Crimea really under fire. Adventurers are leaving disappointed. There is no military adventures in Crimea.
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